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Citi SP CLis

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Citi SP CLis

Right on the 6 month cycle, Citi approved the following increases:


Costco: 8,500 to 12,500 (Started at 7K Oct 2017. 1500 SP CLI at 6 months)


Double Cash: 21,500 to 23,000 (Started at 7.9K March 2017. HP CLI to 20K Oct 2017)


FICO score: 740 as of 9/25/18 per the score they provide.


I was only expecting $1500 on both so the Costco was a great surprise. I've been using it more and more. 4% Gas, 3% Restaurants and Travel is awesome. Double Cash I only use for concert tickets that require a Citi card for pre-sales. Most of my spend goes on Discover or Chase Freedom for the 5% categories.


Citi Costco CLI.PNGCiti DC CLI.PNG


It's been SP increases like these that have helped me to not go stir crazy while I wait for my accounts to age. 

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Re: Citi SP CLis

Great increases, congrats!  Those Citi cards are growing well.. mine sat for a while before even getting the first CLI.

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Re: Citi SP CLis

Congrats on both increases! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Citi SP CLis

Nice job, i wish Citi would just erase those sp verbiage from my accounts, rejected everytime. Its ok though im moving my spend away lol
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