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Citi Secured Approval

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Citi Secured Approval

Hey everone! Got approved for a secured Citi Card - $300 collateral. I am hoping to see it graduate within the next year. Anyone have experience with them?

Current Stats:

Credit Karma:

TransUnion: 500

Equifax: 513



FICO 8: 594



Credit One - $300 SL (currently maxed out)

Citi Secured - $300 Secured

Disco - $1800 AS

Refi Auto Loan - $16,000 with Lendingclub @14.9%APR previous was Cap One @ 23%APR



Bankruptcy Chapter 7 - Discharged 2012

Collections Account with Capital Accounts LLC - $654.00 - Dental Work

Credit Age: 7 Months

Inquries: Transunion 18, Equifax 14, Experian 20


Any other recommendations?

Love you guys!!


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Re: Citi Secured Approval

@highlow1 wrote:

Any other recommendations?

Congrats on your approval! far as  "Any other recommendations"   ..don't apply for to much credit!

let things age, ..  it is not a sprint, rather a marathon. "slow and steady will win the race"



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Re: Citi Secured Approval

Noted! lol! Thank you so much! I am excited to see where this card will take me!

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Re: Citi Secured Approval

Congrats on your approval. As for any other suggestions, un-max your credit one card. Keep your utility in check and it will help your scores. 
good luck! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Citi Secured Approval

Congrats on the new Citi card and continued success!

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