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Citi Simplicity Approval - CL increase approved


Citi Simplicity Approval - CL increase approved

I wanted to stay in the garden but had to get a card for BT, since some of my cards were losing their 0% intro APR. Went for Citi Simplicity since they had a promo of 0% APR for 24 months on BTs. I got approved but only for $3,200. Called customer service to ask for a higher limit. Rep kept saying she couldn't do it, that I had to wait for the card to arrive, then talk to customer service. Well, after activating the card, I requested for a CLI online. Got the 'we'll get back to you in 24 hrs.' I asked for $6000 and happy to report that they gave me that limit. Not sure if I should have asked for more but didn't want to get too greedy. 6k is enough for what I need so I'm satisfied with Citi so far.

Ex FICO8: 724 (8/28/17) | TU FICO8: 739 (9/05/17)
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Re: Citi Simplicity Approval - CL increase approved

Good outcome. Congrats!
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