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Citi Simplicity Approved ($4.5K)

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Citi Simplicity Approved ($4.5K)

My current credit line is: ($4,500 Approved): July 5th, 2018.

I space out each CC I get by 6 months so i'm no longer really worried about being approved. It was more about having a good SL and Citi gave me a decent SL so i'm happy. I only obtained this card because I required a 0% loan for 18 months. This CC has no rewards to it, it's basically Citi's version of the Chase Slate card.

I'm creative so bought 4k worth of VGC's using a Gaint/Stop&Shop gas rewards points offer (8k points equals five, 20 gallon fill ups for $1.50 off per gallon = $150 savings). We don't talk about MS here so, let's skip ahead. Basically I was still able to get rewards in the end using this card. And for the bigger picture I pay in full every month for every other CC I have. This means even though I nearly maxed out this card, my overall utilization will only be around 5%. I can deal with having a FICO report that shows 5% utilization that decreases by 1% every 4 months, so i'm happy with my decision making.

Note: My first Citi card the Citi DC had a SL of $4.6K, so Citi really has a feel of what they will give you to start and then after 6 months, they'll usually give you more via user requested CLI's.

A Big Thank you to everyone that posts or reads. 
The more you learn the better chance you'll be able to help yourself or someone else in the future.

It's been over 3 and a half years since I obtained my first credit card and I've come so far in my understanding and milestones. Remember keep patient and stick to your game plan that's the key. I wish you all the best in your own journeys, goals and milestones.

EQ Score: 784 | TU Score: 758 | EX Score: 760 | Goal Score: 800+
INQ = TU: 1 | EQ: 0 | EX: 4
Utilization: 0% usually or at most 1% - 3%.
Amex BCE (Approved: 11/2015): $24k ($6k SL) | Discover IT (Approved: 07/2015): $16k ($1k SL)
Citi DC WEMC (Approved: 07/2016): $14.5k ($4.6k SL) | Chase SR (Approved: 01/2017): $11k
Chase Freedom Unlimited (Approved: 07/2016): $7.5k | Chase Freedom (Approved: 12/2014): $5k ($500 SL)
Citi Simplicity (Aprroved: 07/2018): $4.5k | Total CL: $82.5k
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Re: Citi Simplicity Approved ($4.5K)

Congrats on your approval! 

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Re: Citi Simplicity Approved ($4.5K)

Congrats on approval and nice SL !!!!!



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