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Citi Soft Pull CLI

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Citi Soft Pull CLI

In early 2016, I was approved for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MC with a SL of $5,000 or $6,000, I can't remember which.


In early 2018, I received a CLD to $2,000 SL from Citi due to lack of utilization and a temporary drop in my FICO scores.


Today, I decided to try and claw some of that back and requested a soft-pull CLI via the Citi website. I updated my income and mortgage, and received instant approval for a CLI to $3,000. They offered me more with a HP but I declined.


Scores: TU: 707 EX: 691. Citi seems to use EX for their soft pulls.

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Re: Citi Soft Pull CLI

Congrats on CLI !!!




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Re: Citi Soft Pull CLI

Yay you!!


Way to come back.. Congrats! AA Clapping.gif


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Re: Citi Soft Pull CLI

Congratulations! That is good to know.

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Re: Citi Soft Pull CLI

Congrats on CLI!Smiley Happy

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Re: Citi Soft Pull CLI

Congrats on the CLI! It sucks when there's a CLD but with some small usage, that shouldn't be an issue (hopefully).

Scores - All bureaus 770 +
TCL - Est. $410K
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