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Citi rewards + 5400 sl. Pre selected to apply

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Re: Citi rewards + 5400 sl. Pre selected to apply

Update. The Citi card showed up today 5 days after approval on Experian.
My FICO score stayed at 730. And my aaoa is still 10 months. My aaoa calculator showed the new account would only affect my aaoa less than half a month. Basically went from 10.6 months down to 10.0 months.
My utilization only went down to 6 from 8 Percent.
I thithis was fast for it to report. Reminds me of discover reports new accounts fast.
Also my home Depot was added quick back in February.
Once I get card I'm debating on requesting a sp cli. (If SP language is there).
Should I wait a certain amount of time? Or request a cli once I see the so language?
I'm in no hurry to request cli. If waiting 2-3 months after approval is a better idea feel free to school me😁.
Want to grow cl but don't want to look desperate since they gave me my highest limit 5400 besides Amazon now at 6k
br>Starting score(February 2018)-520
Current Score: FICO 8- 735EX, 755TU, 758EQ, *GOAL*(Raise EQ mortgage to 730)..MORTGAGE-EQ-705,EX693.
Goal Score: 775 by (03/2020)
Buisness CC- Amex Amazon Prime Biz(125 GC, the 100$@3k spend not worth it)10/26/19- 3500
Amex SimplyCash Plus® -6/26/19- 1300-
Amex Blue Business Plus Card (10kMR'S)-6000-8/6/19-
Personal Cc's
11/2/19- Cap1 Venture-VS-(50k sub)-5000
10/25/19-Sams Club MC-(55$ OFF SUB) 4500
9/17/19- Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® WEMC(50k AA miles)-9/17/19-7500 sl.
7/19 Citi rewards+(wmc)(15K TYP) 5400sl-6900cl
5/19- American Express® Rose Gold Card(50KMR'S)-NPSL(25000-pot), 5/18-1st Disco It (unsecured Nov 18)(500$ TOTAL w CB match)- 2000 , 5/19-2nd Disco it- 2000SL-4000CL
12/18 Amazon(gift card SUB)- 500-2500-6000--10,000 cl AND-Walmart (store cards)-250sl-1000-5000-6000cl, 2/19-Home depot- 500sl-2000cl-
6/18-dcu2.74 Auto loan(43% paid off)
Sub to hit = Venture card 50k/3k spend
Goal score 800

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