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Cli Spree and Minor AA

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Re: Cli Spree and Minor AA

So I suspect the regular walmart store cards will remain as storecards.

Paying mine off before it goes to capone.

Will never pay them a dime in interest.

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Re: Cli Spree and Minor AA

@zerofire wrote:

Capital One issues Visa and MasterCard's. They are most likely to keep all existing cards as MasterCard so the number does not change. The one benefit I can clearly see in the paperwork is that the FTF is going away in the transition for what that is worth.

I am keeping my Wally MC. So when it Transitions over,   ..I can say; "I got My 1st Cap1 card with one HP"Smiley Tongue

I have never even used the card at WalmartSmiley Surprised



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