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Comenity CLI?

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Comenity CLI?

Yesterday I made payments to 4 accounts. 3 of them being Comenity.

I logged into my accounts to see if my payments cleared.. well my Victoria Secret card shows the payment was applied but I noticed my available credit was a bit higher than it should be..

VS Limit - $150
Opened 7 months ago
January statement balance- $126.30
Made a $50 payment towards January’s statement balance last night
Current balance - $76.30
Available credit- $124

I did request a CLI but it gave me the 7-10 day message which is “denied”...

Seems like they gave me a $50 increase or there is a glitch. Going to call and figure this out.
Sept 18: EQ: 578 TU: 583 EX: 576
Sept 19: EQ8: 640 TU8: 645 EX8:640 April 20': EQ8: ??? TU8: 680 EX8: 673
Goal by June 2022: First Time Home Buyer

Goal Completed: Auto Lease 2020 Mazda CX-5 No Income Verification

The Line Up
Marriott Bonvoy: $5000
Amazon Prime Now Sig: $2800
CITI Costco: $5500
CITI Double Cash: $6100
Navy Rewards: $2000
Amex Delta Plat: $1700
Amex Hilton Honors: $1000
Target Red Card: $2000
Victoria Secret Gold: $1200
HSN: $2500
Overstock: $2750
Kohls: $900
Capital One: $2750
Capital One #2: $500

Penfed Personal Loan: $20K
NFCU Secured Loan: $285

Total CL:$36,700
Total UTL: 25%
Current Scores: EQ: 698 TU: 706 EX: 696
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Re: Comenity CLI?

Hmm that’s weird. I assume the payment just hasn’t been reflected in your balance yet. But, yeah, if you’re concerned about it, just call and ask! 

Discover It: 19.7k
Amex ED: 18k
Citi DC: 7.7k
Fidelity Visa: 2k
Apple Card: 1.5k
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