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Comenity CLI

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Re: Comenity CLI

Commenity is a strange bird.  I tried online CLI's a couple of cards and the anwser was always NO!  So after about 9 months or so of online requests every 30 days, I used the telephone number and Robo lady kept giving me CLI's until the card went from $250 to $5,000 and on a Bon Ton card, which went out of business, I was able to get the Robo lady to take my card from $250 to $30,000 in just over a year calling her every other month.  So if you get no LUV from the button, try the Telephone Robo Lady.  When she asks you what you want, just say, Credit Limit Increase, and she should come back and say, Sure I can help you with that.

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Re: Comenity CLI

Got to love the robo lady🤫😊💟
Well I don't have a logo, so I will just use @#@
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