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Comenity Lane Bryant CLI

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Comenity Lane Bryant CLI

after 5 on time/early payments i logged in this morning to my online account and saw that i had even more available credit and the reason being was comenity applied an automatic CLI doubling me from $250 to $500!!!! i know there are mixed feelings of this card and financial institution and myself i even thought to cancel the card because they pissed me off a few times LOL but ill use this CLI to keep my overall credit profile utilization in check. 


i recently was apprived for a torrid card and THAT is where i want my CLI to happen 5 months of that card i will expect an auto increasse..

just thought i would post and provide any insight to anyone in the same boat at me: rebuilding credit. 


taking all the advice to pay off/pay early/on time, keep util low and comenity will reward you Smiley Happy


oh and wanted to mention that i never pay the minimum i always pay 2x the amount so its alawys betwen 50-75$ that i pay 

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Re: Comenity Lane Bryant CLI

Great Job. If you continue to use a d pay on time and more tha the minimum Commenity will reward you .


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Re: Comenity Lane Bryant CLI

Five months seems to be the magic Comenity number, at least for some of their cards. I was denied an increase a couple of times on my King Size card, and then the other day it went from $250 to $700. I have had it almost exactly five months.

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