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Comenity Paypal Credit Approved $6500.00

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Re: Comenity Paypal Credit Approved $6500.00

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Man thats an amazing sl from PPC JoeSmiley Happy Way to go buddy. You should change your name to:

JoeLuvsHisCreditPaypal. Smiley Wink

Yeah make a purchase over 99 bucks and it qualifies for 0% for 6 months. Absolutely amazing job , youve earned it now go buy us some new fertilizer for our garden partySmiley Happy

LOL If you know how big that my yard is I would be broke after buying the fertilizer for the party lol

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Re: Comenity Paypal Credit Approved $6500.00

That's about the highest SL i seen for this HTL account from Comenity.



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