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Credit cards approvals

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Credit cards approvals

Lucky day. I just started my credit life (got my social in January 2018) and I already have this cards:


Westlake financial: 7,000 ($323 monthly)

Personal loan: 2,800 ($220 monthly)

Amex delta (authorized user) : $2,300

capital one : $500

credit one : $1,200

My credit usage is around 50% on every card. Paid in full almost every month. 


last weekend I’ve applied and got approved for:


rooms to go: SL $2,500 asked for CLI and got approved $7,500 

guitar center: SL $1,100 asked for CLI and got approved $4,000

discover it: SL $1,000

best buy citi visa: $2,000


my fico score is 689

TU: 678

EX: idk

EQ: 674

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Re: Credit cards approvals

Welcome! Welcome, welcome!


Congratulations on your approvals.


Please read other sections of the community. Don't end up having to rebuild, like me. Many good lessons to be learned arounf here.


Congratulations, again.

Living through Darwinism is so much worse than learning about about it in school.
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Re: Credit cards approvals

Congrats on your approvals!! Time to garden and let your accounts age
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Re: Credit cards approvals

I’m curious about your scores, which FICO score is the 689 and are the other two you gave not FICO scores?
NFCU GoRewards Sig ($35,000), NFCU Cash Rewards ($25,000), PenFed Power Cash ($20,000), PNC Cash Rewards ($18,400), PNC Cashbuilder ($18,700) , Comenity MC ($14,150), FNBO Evergreen Visa ($10,700), Discover It Cash ($9000), Citi Double Cash ($8600), Walmart MC ($8000), Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards ($7500), Wells Fargo Active Cash Sig($7000), Amex BCE($6000), Amex ED($6600), X1 Card ($5000), PNC Points ($3800), Amex Cash Magnet($2000), Fifth Third Truly Simple ($4000), Truist Spectrum Cash Rewards($4500), Truist Bright Card($4500), CapOne Quicksilver(Bucketed @$1500), US Bank Cash+ ($5,000), US Bank Cash+ ($1,000), Overstock($15,350), WF mortgage 195K Fico 8: EQ 765, TU 757, EX 751, FICO 9:EQ 805, TU 777, EX 751, AAoA-95 months, AoOA-27 years
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Re: Credit cards approvals


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS @MABEZ on your Approvals, your CLIs, and Welcome to the Discover and Citi families and the FORUMS - That's how it's DONE!!!

AMEX BCP $8K | AMEX Cash Magnet $15K | Citi DoubleCash WEMC $15.2K | Citi Rewards WMC $15.5K | Citi Costco VS $12K
Citi Custom Cash WEMC $7.8K | Synchrony (PayPal Credit $6K, Care Credit $15K, & PayPal 2% MC $10K, VENMO VS $6.5K)
PNC Cash Rewards VS $10.5K | NFCU cashRewards VS $14K | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $37.5K | NFCU Flagship Rewards VS $23K
Discover IT $22.5K | BB&T Cash Rewards $4.5K | Macy's AMEX $25K | Bloomingdales AMEX $20K | Apple Card WEMC $9K
PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS $7.5K

Total CL - $284K+
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Re: Credit cards approvals

Congrats on your credit card approvals! Way to go!

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Re: Credit cards approvals

I’m not an expert on credit. I just look my credit score numbers on credit karma. And westlake send me monthly statements with my balance and “fico” score. 

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Re: Credit cards approvals

Congrats on your approvals
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Re: Credit cards approvals

Congrats go out to you Mabez but it seems as if your just going after credit accounts without thinking, arbitrarily. That is how many people over extend themselves and get in over their heads and become indebted for years and with all those accountable you may not use long term and you end up in a situation you extend that credit to a friend or family member. Take my advice, someone who had 800 score in 2006 and it went to as low as 560, since 2017 I hired Lexington Law to help me bring it back to a dignified score and all I have been doing is making sure to pay on time, everything that reports to credit bureaus. When your credit file is as new as yours, 1 late will put you out of business, you scores in the dump for a long time, not to mention you fail to pay and get a Charge off. Just be wise and dont see credit as free money, it is a process to help you retain options and it should only be used for convenience to get what you want points or cash back, rewards. Build up your relation and worthiness to these companies and not put your reputation in jeopardy. As aggressive as you charge, make sure to pay back as or more aggressive, weekly preferably.
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Re: Credit cards approvals

Congrats on the approvals! Good for you!


As for your scores, the ones lenders use the most to determine credit are Fico 8 scores, not the ones on Credit Karma. Also, not sure which version of Fico your bank sends as banks can have access to different Fico scoring models. To receive your true Fico 8 scores, you can do a trial run at for $1 and learn your scores. But be sure to cancel within the 7 days or you will be charged something like $29.99 per month.


If you don't want to worry about canceling a membership, etc. You may obtain your Ex and Tu Fico 8 scores through Discover. Disco will give you a Fico 8 TU score within a month or so when you login to your account. An updated score is provided once per month.  Discover also has a free Fico 8 Ex score that anyone can obtain, no need to be a card member. The website is 


Hope this helps. 

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