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DCU Membership + Visa Platinum Approval


Re: DCU Membership + Visa Platinum Approval

Grats on your DCU approval Smiley Happy


DCU is one of the most disorganized CUs I have ever seen. Took me weeks to get everything fully set up and I dont even have a credit card with them. Yes I have seen different final approvals over what was initially said. If it wasnt for the fact they pay 6% on 1K in savings I would have walked away from them a few days after I was accepted for membership.

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Re: DCU Membership + Visa Platinum Approval

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: DCU Membership + Visa Platinum Approval

Great credit profile, and congrats on the approval! Perfect timing bc you'll likely see a CC CLI preapproval in January when they refresh the preapprovals.


I would ask that they explain why the approval changed from $13.5k to $5k, especially if your pay stubs support the salary that you provided. Ask to speak to a mgr. When and how were you told that you'd get $13.5k? Also, was it before they asked for POI?


When I first applied, it was for an auto refi and a card and I was able to get the card limit increased, but only by so much. They said that they're only willing to loan X amount to me for all loans. Maybe that is a factor for you, too.


I also had a recent encounter where I was declined for a CLI, but after I talked to various people and someone who ultimately escalated it to a manager, they approved me for a $2K increase. I won't even get into that ridiculous event. Yet another mishap w DCU, but it worked out for me in the end.

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Re: DCU Membership + Visa Platinum Approval

Congratulations on your successful DCU membership and approval! A double win!🎊🍾 

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