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DCU Visa Platinum Approval 10K!

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Re: DCU Visa Platinum Approval 10K!

Bam! Bam! Grand Slam!Bam! Bam! Grand Slam!

Living through Darwinism is so much worse than learning about about it in school.
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Re: DCU Visa Platinum Approval 10K!

@Anonymous wrote:

Pretty sure my savings account helped push them along in the end and keeping my account open for three months (lol). Were you a member beforehand or applied at membership?


@Anonymous wrote:

They pull EQ5 for all their decision so I am impressed with the SL honestly, they gave me $1K because of my credit seeking lol. 




Yeah honestly? I applied for DCU because I needed an EQ puller because Citi pulled TU and EX for me and it made me think that EQ was stuck frozen (it didn’t help that Trusted ID was reporting that it was frozen either). I never expected to get approved so I was happy to get $1000 @ 13.75% for a card that has no cash advance fee and a lower APR than my CLOC with NFCU. I also opened a checking with them but until they get Zelle, I can’t move over to them completely but I do use it for loading my Cash App debit card since I canceled my $10 a year debit card on my other checking account. 


I do like DCU a lot and if they had Zelle, I would drop my local bank for them. The lure of getting my SSDI two days early makes it even more tempting, it’s just that Zelle is a requirement, it’s used with my roommates and I because PayPal friends and family sometimes decides not to be instant. 

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