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DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

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DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

DW Amex BCE received on March,2017 at $15k SL


Been using it regularly and keeping a minimal balance of $300 to $500


Waited for the 61 days. I know i cant ask for 3xCLI of $45k. Because when i tried 3 months before on my Amex BCP they asked for the T 4506 form. and i never went submitting it. so mine was laying at $28k now.


long story short. i only requested $28k on my DW Amex card from $15k. 


I got a status saying "we will write back in 7 to 10 days mail"


I thought "oh. its a bummer from amex" Smiley Frustrated


To my surprise, when i went back to Home page of AMEX online, i saw the new limit as $28k on DW account. HeartHeart


Woah. what a day. Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


Added another $13k to her credit portfolio. DW now stands at $163k Total credit limit.


Happy friday and Long weekend.Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy



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Re: DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

Great news!! Congrats!!Smiley Happy

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Re: DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

That's really AWESOME! Congrats on the increase. I can't wait for my 61 days to come up 😃
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Re: DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

Woo hoo , nicely done, cant wait to go for my, stand back, wait for it...9k lolSmiley Wink
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Re: DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

Awesome CLI for her
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Re: DW Amex BCE 61 days $13k CLI -success

Congrats, received the same verbage and noticed the same thing.
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