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DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

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DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

With chase changing the sign up bonus on the hyatt card we were forced out of the garden.... well we will blame it on that.

Data points before spree all Fico 8 scores
Oldest account on a files is an AU account 10 years old 10k limit walmart.
EX 700 (AAoA 1.4 years/5 INQ/Util 1%/only baddies 7 medical collections)
EQ 707 (AAoA 1.4 years/1 INQ/Util 1%/only baddies 7 medical collections)
TU 691 (AAoA 1.4 years/3 INQ/Util 1%/only baddies 10 medical collections)

Applications are listed in order of which I applied.

Chase Hyatt APPROVED 19K!!! Pulled EQ
Found link for 2 nights + 50 + 5000 points for AU
Approval was not instant, got the we need more time to review the application 30 day. Looked up the backdoor number here, by the time I got the number and called in it said my application had been approved 19k! Can't believe they approved her for so much from my research I expected around a 5k approval.

Since it was approved, I decided to go for the 2 for 1 special

Chase Disney Premier INSTANT APPROVAL 10K no alerts yet for this pull so hopefully they used same HP from hyatt app.
Found link for 200 sign up with 500 spend and no fee for first year.

Barclay Arrial + APPROVED 3.5k pulled TU
50k bonus on 3k spend
Not an instant approval, called backdoor number. They just needed to re verify the application. When the CSR said she had been approved for 3.5k we asked if they would reconsider the SL because we felt like it was too low. The CSR was very nice but was unable to give us any higher of a limit. Interesting bit of information, the CSR said they don't even look at medical collections when making a decision. Thought that was cool.


20k points on 3k spend

All in all my DW is 5/5 today 63k in new cards. We got everything we wanted to thicken her file and establish a relationship with chase and barclay. If you want any additional info let me know!

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Re: DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

Nice approvals for the wife , congrats to her !!
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Re: DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

Congrats! Those are nice approvals!

Starting scores: 538 EQ, 552 TU, 520 EX Current scores (11/18/20): 640 EQ 638 TU 654 EX
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Re: DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

Thank you both. Now just which hyatt do we choose?
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Re: DW Thin File Chase Hyatt&Disney + More

Congrats to DWSmiley Happy
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