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Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

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Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Hey everyone - Long time reader, first time poster. 

My DW and I have been married for a year and about to consolidate our bank accounts. We have been focused on paying down our 15k of high interest credit card debt, so I've been on the lookout for a suitable BT offer.


Longtime BOA customer and have been seeing an offer to apply for the Bank of America's Cash Rewards with 200 SUB. One late night after weighing my chances with a combined income of 180k and a Discover FICO of 704, I took the bait....Instantly approved for a Visa signature card with a SL of $9,000 (New highest limit! 🙏🏾)

Still needed 6k more space for the remaining BT, what to do?

Go App crazy - 

1. My QS1 recently charged me an AF so I've been looking for a replacement daily driver...applied for the PenFed Cash Rewards with 100 SUB - After income and identity verification I received a $3,500 SL. Recon for higher limit was no luck.

2. Read about the BBT prequal offers and SP approval and received offers for all 3 cards. Applied for the BBT bright and spectrum cash rewards, each with SL $4,500.

3. Found out about the Cash+ and applied to place on our utilities, received the 7-10 message. UW number says declined, probably due to my recent inquiries. UW rep was very rude and short, will wait 6-12 months to garden before applying again.

4. Noticed an offer from Amex prequal site, applied for the BCE. Received a SL of $1000

5. Finally, I have capital one products but not the Savor or Savor One. No chance for PC and I'm not risking the triple pull to all bureaus. I applied for the Marvel Card for entertainment expenses and received a temp SL of $500 (actual CL will probably be $1-2k)


I'm happy with this spree. The low limits on the last two cards showed I scraped by the skin of my teeth, so I will garden well to grow those limit. I will wait it out for 6 months plus to reapply for the Cash + card - just thought I'd share my experience. 




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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

@Psouffle13 wrote:

... I'm happy with this spree ...

Sprees might not be prudent but they can be fun Smiley Wink -- Congratulations! on your success. Smiley Happy

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Welcome to the forums OP!! Congrats on your approvals!!

USBank has conservative UW. Sensitive to new acts and INQ. Known to only approve on 1/12.

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Congratulations on your approvals!
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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Congrats on the approvals!

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Welcome to myFICO forums and Congratulations on your Spree..

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅


You may want to wait 12 months with NO Inquiries to re-apply for the Cash+ card for success. JMHO

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Nicely done, grats to all your success and welcome to myFico Smiley Happy

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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅


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Re: Decent App-Spree 5/6 ✅

Congratulations on your app spree approvals!

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