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Denied, Denied, Approved!


Denied, Denied, Approved!

I got a $300 QS1 From CapitalOne almost 2 years ago when my Fico scores were in the 500s.  I went up to $500 a few months later but it's stayed there.  I increased my fico to 650 and applied for a Gold Delta Amex about 10 months ago and got SL of $1000.  I've been very happy with these cards because at last I have brands I'm not ashamed of.  Plus the rewards!  I've already gotten over $800 in savings on Delta in 10 months.  The limits are so low though.   When I just had the Capital One I was paying it off at least 3 times in a month.  It was fine though, Amex would credit my account the minute I made a payment, unlike my Credit One cards that would take a week to post, and wouldn't even let me make more than 2 payments a month.   I was happy with what I had.  


Then Capital One emailed me.  They told me I should make sure my income was up to date for Credit Limit Increases.   I updated.  Nothing happened. (I may have only waited 3 days). I started googling to see if there was a timeline I should expect.  I came across myFico Forums.  Started reading like crazy. I realized I would probably be bucketed in Capital One, since i got it with that 500-something score.  But I read about 3x CLI on Amex.  I went ahead and clicked the button in Amex and asked for 3k limit.  Got the 7-10 day.  I clicked the the button in Capital One.  2-3 day.  Sigh.  Before I got my denials I realized what I had done wrong.  My credit score has gone from 650 to 691 in the past few months. I didn't wait long enough for Capital One and Amex to get my new scores.  Sure enough, when I got the rejection letters, they listed my 650 scores. I might have also been denied at 691 but I think the odds might have been better.  


But I had a bug now.  I needed more credit!  I heard about how much everyone loved Disco.  After I figured out Disco meant Discover I did their pre-approval form.  I told I was pre-approved for a specific interest rate on the 5% rotating cash back card.  I felt good about that meaning I would get approved and decided to pull the trigger.  I hoped for a $500 limit...maybe $1000.   I got $5000!  What!  That's my highest limit of any account!  


Less than a year ago I was perpetually at 99% credit utilization,  I've gotten down to 58% and with this card I'll be down to 45%.  I'm working hard to pay down my actual debt, but the extra help to my utilization makes that goal seem so much more obtainable.  Thank you for all the information everyone!

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

hit up Disco every 3-6 months since it's a SP CLI anyway like Cap1 / Amex.


Wait a couple of months for those 2 to catch up w/ a refreshed score and you should be able to squeeze them for a little more.  Maybe shift your primary spend to Disco to get your #'s in line for UTIL and just put small sutff on the other 2 for the time being.

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Welcome to the board and grats to all the success Smiley Happy
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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Welcome to the boards!  Congrats on the new approval! You'll learn a lot about credit here Smiley Happy

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Welcome To myFICO Forums and

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Welcome to the myFico boards and Congratulations on the new Disco! Awesome SL!

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Congrats on the new Disco and welcome to the forums!

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Congrats! Welcome to the Disco and MyFico family! Nice SL!

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS @penduck on your Discover approval, Thanks for the DPs, and Welcome to the Disco family!!!

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Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

Congrats on a great card. As stated above, shift your spend to Disco now and work on paying the others off. By having only a balance on Disco, you’ll enter AZEO which is worth some extra points. Plus with the end of year cash back match, Disco is essentially a 10%/2% card the first year. Max that benefit as much as you can. Plus showing Disco the spend will help with increases down the line Smiley Happy

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