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Denied, Denied, Approved!


Re: Denied, Denied, Approved!

@ScooterMcDoodlebutt wrote:

@penduck wrote:

I heard about how much everyone loved Disco.  After I figured out Disco meant Discover I did their pre-approval form.  I told I was pre-approved for a specific interest rate on the 5% rotating cash back card.  I felt good about that meaning I would get approved and decided to pull the trigger.  I hoped for a $500 limit...maybe $1000.   I got $5000!  What!  That's my highest limit of any account!  


This gave me a chuckle! Congrats on getting into Club Disco! ;-)

Thanks!  I'm pretty sure my first credit card ever was a Disco, 22 years ago.  I left the club for credit consolidation after college.  Man I wish I still had a bunch of 22 year old accounts!  Glad Club Disco let me come back.  

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