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Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

 Welcome and Congrats! Not everyone gets offered the secured card version. Treat it well and it will treat you well.

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

Thanks. I  am glad to be part of the Discover Famiy and going to treat this  account well. my credit is bad so I am working toward to improve it and get it to at least a credit in high 600s .Discover is the beginning. I call discover today to confirm my status.CSR says everything has been proceess I should recieved the  card this week.

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

I first was approved for the unsecured capital one card for $300 waited 2 half months applied for the Navy Federal credit union American Express card and was approved for a $3,600 credit limit. Then I applied for the USAA credit card, got denied but received a counter offer for the USAA American Express classic card for $500 I applied for the Discover card and got denied, then tried applying for the Discover secured card and got denied for that too. **bleep** ! I decided as far as I am concerned, Discover just lost my future business. I do know after I establish myself with these 3 credit cards that a year later Discover will be sending me offers. I lost respect as well as patience with Discover card. That was the only secured card I would have considered but to deny me a chance to even prove me self was a real slap in the face. I remember attending my brother in laws bankruptcy hearing. Discover/Sears card representative was the only people that seem to show up at Bankrupcty hearings to work out deals or file disputes. Being denied for a secured card with Discover was a real wake up call for me. I was not expecting it to happen. My scores are in the fair credit range right now. But not fair enough. The funny thing was after I got denied for the secured card with Discover. I applied with Navy Federal credit union to refinance my car loan with Hyundai Motor Finance and was approved. Navy Federal financed me for $10,554 and got my interest much lower and even got my car payments lowered down a $105 bucks. I also tried getting credit with Walmart and Sams club, but was denied. Some places will give you credit out there and give you a chance and some will simply slam the door in your face. Will I ever apply for Discover, Walmart and Sams club card again ? No way. I will focus my credit situation on the companies that took a chance on me.
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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

hello Jedi Pimper Master,


I truly understand where you are coming from .I  was in the same boat and still there. i loss my job, car was repo and loss apartment, credit card debit all in 2013  and was homeless too all was due to my car accident  and my credit score was 400.  I couldnt get any secured or unsecured card  at all due to my credit at the time.  It two me  two years  later and hard work to  finally get credit card in to 500's which my  score was 520 a time. My goal is reestablished my credit and be very careful. Now  i am. So that when discover came out with secured card in 2015. I wanted to get  in with them because the current cards I have  are all bad  card  like milestone, first access, total card, first premere, credit one  they high annual fees, high interested rates but it help me establish my credit  they are also create some pitfall  so  I willl tell everyone to avoid theses all theses at all cost  they are  cards and not good to keep permananetly. If you have to get one to established or rebuild  credit   pay it off one time help raise your score apply and get approved a much better card That happens with me with Discover card.  I appy with Discover card put up 200 depost I did  this online it took about 5- 7 days i recieved email saying congratuations I was appproved and I will recieved card  witn 5-7 days  and credit limit is 200.00  security deposit that hold if the  discover graduated to unsecured back then they said they will review my  account  in 12 months that back in 2016 after had my secured account. 2017 and 2018 no upgrade,  Now 2019 it is 8,months they change their rules I pay my card every  month never late paid  account keep it with 30 percent under. they never graduated even after three years outstanding credit with them I was started to give up and was going to closed and  get my secured deposit back.  My credit score is now at 614 so from 530- 614 that is some progress. I was recently approved capital one unsecured 750 and  parital secured 99 down with 500 credit limit. I was getting tired of  this discover secured card. I put three years in this card no graduate or nothing. the only thing it did it raise my score and capital one given me chance. i thank you for that Just I about to cancel this card. this just happened last month(FEB)  discover card sent me an email says congratutions we are send  your security back 200.00 and upgrade you to  unsecured discover card  and your new credit limit is 2000.00 because of how you manage my account I was completed shock I  was so ready get rid of this card.  After  all of time 2016-2018 no graduate then all of  sudden its 2019  graduation. i was really shock .  I dont understand why they denied you when  you  doing great proress. You should have gotten immediately approval with no problems I really dont undertsanding Discover policies they are not consisted. I can see why you dont want to try again becuase it would be an inquiry on your credit report and hurt your score and because you have already been denied by them once. I wouldnt apply if they denied me once before.  Love to hear your input.

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

I can’t out why Discover denied me for the secured card. I’m still shaking my head about that one. (Mod cut) Right now my credit situation is on hold I feel. I think perhaps maybe I’m with a rival competitor and maybe Discover does not like it that I have a Capital One Credit card. That’s the only reason that I can think that I’m getting blocked for the Discover secured card. Email me perhaps we can talk on the phone.

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

I'm a fellow rebuilder, it's frustrating but keep your eye on the prize! That is a great job to secure that SECURED card. I can remember getting denied for both Cap One and Discover Secured cards over 2 years ago. 


After 2 1/2 years into my rebuild, I just acquired an Amex Platinum, which was my goal card. I had a Vantage 3.0 score of 404 in early trust me I've been there. There is some great support on these forums as I'm sure you're finding out. Keep posting and sharing your progress. This is a great start! 


My DISCOVER IT Secured Card graduated after 14 months and they still haven't given me a CLI, in fact they've shot me down twice, my card went unsecured back in November Smiley Mad - They're sitll squirley with me, but that's just fine. 


Keep up the good work! You'll get there! 

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

 I am so glad to have the support for people  everyone  here on the board going through the same thing. I been really good and care with my discover card ever since they convert over to unsecured . I am  very happy  with my discover  and  they gave a chance it took a long time hard work does pay off. This best card with good limit  to have. I only use it for groceries and phone bill.  I am very cautions and carefully using it so hopefully down the  line I get CLI but right now I enjoying it.  The key is be patience, stay under 30 % of credit limit and pay bill  on time.  Someday I want to AMEX card in the  future. I am keep working on it.

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Re: Denied Discover unsecured , Approved for secure card

when I  applied  for and approval for discover secured card  in the beginning I had a capitalone quicksliver card. so I dont understand discover reasons for denied you  discover because that. (Mod cut-release of personal info on the forums is prohibited by our TOS)

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