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Disco likes me again

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Re: Disco likes me again

You're so lucky! I tried them again and zip. Even with it being suggested to me in Experian FICO tracking. I'll give it some more time since I had also burned them before BK long ago. Congrats anyhow! 

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Current FICOS: EX - 661, EQ - 659, TU - 664
Ch 7 BK D/C Aug 2019
Starting scores: EX - 534, EQ - 574, TU - 516
Total TLs: $33k

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Re: Disco likes me again

even after rebuilding the relationship with them after BK and a decent approval during the summer of 2019, they refuse to give me a CLI. 

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Re: Disco likes me again

Discover does remember, but I have to bring up this thread when i hear stuff like this... You can be bucketed ...

Discover, just like Cap One, uses Asset Based Securities...

For the most part, they arent as hard locked as Cap One IMHO but you can get "stuck"


Some folks have been just able to get a second card.. now that thats an option with Discover.... if your scores support it... esp if youve had the card for a few years...


(id definitely try the prequal if youd like to try it) 

One caveat, esp currently,  They might ask you for a 4506T if you do app.. but many have had the option of three previous bank statements due to the current pandemic.. they used to not accept anything but a 4506... 

Also think they might have moved the goalpost a bit on borderline approvals... 



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Re: Disco likes me again

@AzCreditGuy wrote:

Well after burning Disco and starting over with them and a $2,750 line back in June 2019, I finally got a CLI of $1,500. To put me at $7,500 CL. I  also paid down a $980 trip that I took and didnt want the balance showing. Hoping to break the $10k mark within the next few months with Disco. Seems that the credit spree I took a year and half ago, B of A and US Bank are given out $6k CLI vs Disco, Wells are only given out $1,500 and Cap1 is being greedy for the SP CLI....

🥳🥳🥳Congratulations on your CLI with Disco!  🕺🏽 

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TCL: JUN 2020 $700, APR 2021 $7450

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2021 Goal Cards: NAFs and $5K CL’s

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