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Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

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Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Hey guys,


So I'm happy to report good news today. I was just approved for the one card I was never able to get years ago.. A Discover card!


Here's the scoop.


I submitted the application online and checked the boxes to receive an "Instant Decision." The wheel spun for about a minute and I was then asked to call in. A chat box appeared so I jumped on there to speak with a rep. She needed to verify some info and instantly approved me for $9,000. You guys know Uncle Money wasn't stopping there so I asked her if she can increase the line a little more so I can take advantage of their generous balance transfer offer while using the card for purchases without coming close to my limit. She bumped the limit to $11,000! I asked for more again lol but she said they need to see 3 billing cycles of activity. I have no idea which credit bureau was pulled. I checked my alerts and didn't see any inquiries post yet.


I'm happy with this outcome. I've heard a lot of good things about Discover so looking forward to using this card.


Uncle Money


Initial Approval:

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.01.07 PM.png


 After Chat:


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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Not to shabby ... awesome approval and CLI!!! Talk about love right out of the chute Smiley Happy And, you say Discover did not love you before ... hmm?
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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Thanks Dinosaur!


It was not until recently they started sending me weekly mailers. I never got them previously and was declined more than once in the past so at one point I just gave up on Discover until now!



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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

WOW, Uncle_Money, very nice approval on top of getting a CLI. That's the way to go!

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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Congrats!! Awesome Disco approval, and even better getting it immediately increased!!
You'll have the thing at 50K in no time
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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Uncle Money gonna be rollin in the Disco doughSmiley Wink. Great limit, i definitely envision you cracking 20k within a yearSmiley Wink

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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Congrats uncle money. That's a nice SL. Discover has some great perks and the first year cash back is super sweet. Enjoy. 🍾🎉🎊🐬🎈

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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Congrats!!!! That beats my 500 CLI I got today from Discover. LOL. . . Not even going to do a post anymore. Congrats! New limit 7,800.

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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Pretty impressive...Congratulations!!

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Re: Discover Approval + Immediate CLI

Congratulations on the awesome approval!!!!!
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