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Discover Approval!

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Discover Approval!

On a whim tonight, fresh off the high of making my first 100 on a test in my MSN program, I decided to app for this card. I've heard great things and had app'd in the past when my scores were WAAYYYYY if! My util has gone down recently, though still up at 51%, and my scores have gone up (most recent was 10/13/16 EQ 650 TU 674 EX 649). Also, my TU being highest and the one they pull for GA residents according to CPD, I figured it was at least worth a try!


I had also done a little research on this site about Student Discover vs Regular Discover and that led me to apply for the regular card. I'm a grad student with a full time job but sometimes those student cards have perks not available to others. I passed on it this time and I'm glad I did! To my amazement, I was approved wth a SL of $2800! I think deep down I still expected them to deny me so I really was shocked. It's not the highest limit I've got but it's the highest SL I've ever had!


The high of the night continues.... Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover Approval!

Congratulations and welcome to the Discover family. Only had my Discover for about two weeks and love it already!!!!

"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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Re: Discover Approval!

GREAT News! Look @ you go! Enjoty your nnew SL and use it wisely.
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Re: Discover Approval!



Was this a cold app or did you do the prequalifiy?  Also, any data points, such as: Which CRA did they pull, did you have any baddies on your report? 


Been looking at this card myself but...been holding off as I have a baddie on EQ I'm waiting on a dispute with them that it seems like FOREVER for the 30 days to pass ! 


Congrats again! 

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Re: Discover Approval!

Cutthatcard - thanks!! This was a cold app. I think I tried the prequalify site a while back and it didn't give me anything. I'm not sure which CRA they used but based on what CPD showed, TU is who I expect to get the HP from, which is great for me bc that report has no more baddies. Inquiries 8. Scores were pulled on 10/13/16: EQ 650 TU 674 EX 649. If they pulled EX or EQ, there's 2 baddies on there and an old tax lien.
TU 640, EX 625, EQ 620.....One day at a time! Smiley Happy
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Re: Discover Approval!

Thats great! Congrats to you! They will grow with you as well. Treat them rightSmiley Wink

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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Re: Discover Approval!

Congrats! I can't think of too many cards that grow as well as Discover. Welcome to the Disco family!

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