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Discover Approval

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Re: Discover Approval



I agree with the other advice given, just use the card as much as possible, keep it paid off, and it will grow. Ask for a CLI in a few months.

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Re: Discover Approval

Congrats on the new card, My discover card has replaced my debit card for ALL of my everyday purchases.

As long as you dont outspend what you make then you are golden to rack in those reward points.

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Re: Discover Approval

You got your own credit limo?? Lucky! 


Congrats on entering the fabulous Disco family!

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Re: Discover Approval

"What are the recommendations?" use it and pay it off, don't ever be late!

maybe a good idea to set up "Auto-pay" at Least for The Minimum Amount.


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Re: Discover Approval

Congrats on the Disco approval and good luck with future CLIs.

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Re: Discover Approval

@Newimmi1020 wrote:
Hello everyone,

It’s me again. I posted yesterday in regards to the capital one denial.....

Well today I decided to apply for a discover card and if they didn’t approve me perhaps they could offer me a secured card or something. I submitted the application for the discover IT cash and was brought to a page that asked for verification. I submitted a copy of my internet bill and that was sufficient Smiley Happy

Credit approval
Discover IT Cash
Credit limo $500

This is my first credit card ever, does it take a lot to get a credit limit increase how should I use this card?

What are the recommendations?

Congrats on your approval! I was in the exact same situation - approved for a $500 Discover it as my first ever credit card back in January. I used the card a lot, but paid it off in full multiple times a month and kept my reported utilization below 10%. I never have nor do I plan to pay any interest. I requested a CLI about 1 week after my 3rd statement closed, and was approved for a $1000 CL.


It's also worth noting that if you do get a CLI (auto or requested), you can call up discover and ask them if they could increase it any further (this is known as a double dip/DD). It's not guaranteed you'll get this extra increase, but the worst that can happen is they say no.


Discover's CLIs are also soft pulls most of the time. There's a chance they can hard pull, but if they need to, they'll specifically ask for your permission before they go ahead.


Hope this helps! 😊

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Re: Discover Approval

Thank you so much for all the positive vibes and information.

Super thankful that I found this forum Smiley Happy

Thank you everyone
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Re: Discover Approval

Congrats on the new card!  (looks like advice on how to use the card/get CLIs is covered - Good luck!)

Garden goal: Completely clean reports and a gold spade (which, at my current rate, is never going to happen...)
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