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Discover Auto CLI on 4th Statement!

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Re: Discover Auto CLI on 4th Statement!

Sitori wrote:

Man I haven't gotten anything yet! I'm about to hit my 6th statement on the 17th. I have always carried a balance though, maybe thats why.  I paid it way down finally so I think once my statement cuts I'm going to hit the luv button and see what happens.  I hope I get something. Not sure what to ask for though seeing as how so many aut CLI's are only a few hundred dollars. I'm hoping to go from 1700 to somewhere around 2500. Not sure I should ask for that much though

from what i read around these forums, always ask for as much as u can! they will counter offer if they cant offer that much Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover Auto CLI on 4th Statement!

Congrats - Nice

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