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Discover CLI Approved!

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Re: Discover CLI Approved!

@Matt9543 wrote:

Decided to request a credit limit increase, partially to offset my utilization with my cards, which still isn't even bad. Discover was my first card that I've had since the day I turned 18 and I'm super glad that I was able to get the card. They've been nothing but amazing and I decided you know what, let's try to get a higher limit, so I did and I got approved for an extra $1,500!! Moving me up to my highest limit at $4,100!!

Congrat-ru-rations!  Robot Happy

You try for the double dip?  If not and still under 24 hours, you should!  

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Re: Discover CLI Approved!

Congrats on the CLI. That's awesome. I just got to my 9th month with them. Seeing if I get an auto by tomorrow. I've read some people get an auto within 4 days after their 3rd statement, a luv button CLI after their 6th, and another auto a few days after their 9th statement. Guess we'll see. If not, I'm slamming that button tomorrow as well as many others just said!
Good luck to all on your Luv Button Smashing!
OP, congrats again.
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Re: Discover CLI Approved!

I'm actually not sure what this would entail. Do you mind explaining this to me?


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Re: Discover CLI Approved!

Congratulations on your approval!

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