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Discover CLI, Don't get your hopes up ^__^

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Re: Discover CLI, Don't get your hopes up ^__^

@VanderSnoot wrote:

This board helped me to interpret their response of "insufficient experience" as likely to mean that I don't use the card enough, which I don't, because I only use it for the categories.

No, insufficient experience does not mean you don't use the card enough.  There is plenty of evidence out there suggesting that card spend is not a big factor for Discover and a complete non-factor on some profiles.


For example, someone in January may request a CLI on their Discover card and get the insufficient experience denial reason.  They don't use their card AT ALL in January/February/March, not a single dollar.  Then at the end of March they request a CLI and get it.  This proves that the spend was a non-factor and the element of time (simply letting more pass) was what allowed for the CLI.  I have experienced this first hand.

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Re: Discover CLI, Don't get your hopes up ^__^

There no rhyme or reason to this stuff. I'm over 30k trade line on my Discover IT card that started as 5k Sl in 2015. I've gotten huge CLI's 5k, 8k and tiny ones, average CLI's like 1k or 2k as well being denied.   It's all up to their goofy internal system and is different for everyone.  Is what it is.

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