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Discover CLI "Amazing"

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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"

Congrats on the great CLI!

Oct 2019

Garden goal: keep on keepin' on
Usually a faithful practitioner of AZE5or6or7; working on AZE1or2 and grumbling about it.
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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"

Congrats!!, That is a pretty darn Huge CLI for DiscoSmiley Happy

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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"

Wow big congrats. That’s probably one of the biggest CLI I’ve seen!
7/2019 Ex 08 670 TU 08 686, EQ 08 692. And climbing...

Cap 1 QS $500, Cap 1 QS1 $750, Discover $9500.
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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"




Total revolving limits 720500 (594000 reporting) 10/2/19 FICO 8 scores: EQ 744 TU 782 EX 746
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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"

Congrats on your increase there!

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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"

Congrats on your CLI. Discover has been a little more giving these days. Killer increase. 

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Re: Discover CLI "Amazing"


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS  on your AMAZING story and that STAGGERING Disco CLI - That's how it's DONE!!!

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