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Discover CLI

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Re: Discover CLI

Congrats on the Disco CLI

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Re: Discover CLI

Out of the blue I got a small auto CLI from 1900 to 2400... My SL was only 1500 and I requested a CLI back in Nov '17 and got $400.. then magically today another $500 showed up.  In the last month, I have however run about $600 on the account and PIF or very, very close to it.  Normally I'd run about $100 to maybe $200 per month... At present my FICO is just under 700 and it was about 680 when I was approved about a year ago.  Overall pleased... Now I just need to get my first 3X CLI from Amex (after one year and I think still on the blacklist)

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Re: Discover CLI

does it matter for CLI what other cards you've got? I mean if they see you have another 1k card vs 6k card for example?

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Re: Discover CLI

So you used the card a lot and then paid it off? Do you pay it off before the bill comes out or right afterwards?

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Re: Discover CLI

Disco is unpredictable. For me, I seem to get SP love only when I let new charges report to the bureau. If I’m at a $0 balance, no SP love occurs.

I’ll try this strategy again this month. I’ll request a CLI in June and see what happens.

This is anecdotal and is my experience. Others have had different experiences even now in the approvals section. YMMV, of course.

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Re: Discover CLI

Ironically the day after I got my minuscule $500 cli from Discover after a starting line of $12K which I PIF always even when I did a Christmas bal transfer - that same day my AMEX Blue went from $4,000 to $12,000 (not $8k surprisingly!) overnight without even asking!?! (I wasn’t given the usual $3k ‘start’ that most get) they only started me with $2K with a 687 CS back then. Then the first round came and hit the luv button and it went to $4K which was acceptable given my history with Amex back in the early 90s. But when my last or next CLI 3x “time” came - they actually gave it to me a week before automatically without me even asking?!? Gotta love that! I’m in no way complaining of course just still annoyed at Discover and still don’t know what double dipping means? (some swear it is phoning in others say to use the CLI button?) Whatever...

Either way, this Amex increase now combined with a Synchrony account $8K boost just this past week will bring my total util down below 1% (woohoo) as I typically PIF anyway. Though Christmas I pushed the boat out this year and rolled one balance over to a 0%APR card for 18% months but it brought my UTIL usage up close to 10% and didn’t like that so just paid it off this week. I always pay my bills in full (99%) and try to do it before the next statement processes (Unless it’s massive like $5k+ in travels and expenses - so that it doesn’t hang out there for 45-60 days). And no interest charges too of course.

Last comment. All my scores and FICO 08 are nearly the same and get them direct from the agencies and the rest are printed on statements or from reporting services I buy. (Wells Fargo just changed to FICO 9 Bankcard May 1st, 2018) - For the life of me I don’t understand Wells Fargo at all?!? - as they are 4-5 months behind everyone else!?! They still have my November 2017 payments that haven’t even posted on their system yet!! What’s their problem?! Anyway all my credit and FICO scores range between 746-771 except Wells. They have me at 669 and with their Bankcard 08 system as “Fair” and you gotta get (by their standards) to 740 to be just “Good”. What a scam this is. A 50 point window target to hit outta 850?! Grrr.

I think CapOne uses the same system as I got rejected once (only card in 3 yrs I was ever turned down for) when I applied for their QS b/c Credit Karma had me over 750+ and said my chances were “excellent”. They draw from Exp I think? (which ever one CK doesn’t have for free) and when I got the rejection letter from BankOne at the very bottom it said my CS was 654!!!! Huh!?! So I signed up direct with all 3 agencies and none show anything below 741 (either FICO or FAKO) So I have no idea what Cap Ones problem is?? I have one of their secured cards that I got back in 2013 when I first started rebuilding my credit from literally a “0” score - They gave me my $1000 dep back after 7 months ages ago now, but won’t budge off that limit nor give me another card. Ironically they gave me a $45K auto loan though at 3.8%APR!? Haha. Talk about a screwed up company. Oh well. All my balances are now $0 as of this weekend and I piggybacked a 850 score Amex Gold 14 year old card onto my account b/c I only have 2.5 yrs of age after living overseas for 7 years. That should boost my scores with a zero balance to 800+ and then I'm going into Wells to have it out with the mgr b/c my biz account is there too with an 89 Paydex score and we want to buy land to expand our Company but if they can’t update faster than every 6 months, then I guess it’s time to switch banks. Anyone know a TU-centric/friendly Bank? (Colorado is where the Company is HQ’d with me here as well)...

Sorry for the rambling rant. I don’t dislike anyone that gives me credit lines 💰 but WF, CapOne and Discover are a mystery to me. Sigh.

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Re: Discover CLI

Cap1 pulls all 3 bureaus, and that score is probably your bankcard fico or an internal score. What's the range it gives you? Example: your score is 654, credit scores range from 350-900. Or something along those lines.

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Re: Discover CLI

Thanks for the feedback.

It’s their internal score or whichever mess of a bankcard FICO system they currently use. (Again, they also gave a $45K car loan at the same time, of which I used $32k of)

It was only only 1 hard pull from EQ as I saw it show on all my reports but not on TU or EXP.

Re: “what’s its range it gives you? Who? Where? When? I only got 1 score from CapOne in the rejection letter.

As just said, they did one pull and said it was like 654. (CapOne). All my others are currently between a low FICO of 746 to a high 771 credit score from Discover- Amex and every app and CRA ALL have me at 763 at the moment today. (All 3 are in synch).

I understand that different organizations use different bankcard vantage scoring models ranging from 0-850 (some Vantage’s go to 900) and in London, they use “Vantage 1000” where I have a 973 credit score (ironically over there a 771 is a crap score out of 1000 and is considered terrible). But we’re “crossing streams” here.

The secret to credit is finding when and how fast each of your accounts updates, and then just use those cards that post almost immediately. I never use any Wells Fargo or CapOne cards, or some other lesser cards that take 4-5-6 months to update. It just kills your utilization and scores.

Peace .
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Re: Discover CLI

There are two ways to double dip.. thats why its a little confusing..


1. You can double dip using the CLI button if Discover auto-cli's you...... Method 1

2. You can double dip by calling in after hitting the CLI button... Method 2..


Method 2 should preferably be done on weekdays since you dont have a lot of time to call in afer you hit the CLI button yourself...



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Re: Discover CLI

I've had my Discover account for 3 1/2 months. The third statement just closed so I figured I'd try the love botton. I received a message saying it's being reviewed and I will receive an answer in 2 days.  Could the results be positive?  I think it's usually a "no" when I see messages like that. 

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