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Discover CLI

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Discover CLI

So this just happened ive had the card 2 1/2 years started at 5500 Screenshot_2019-05-14_18-00-20.png

Capital One QS 13.000
Discover It 13,000
Amex BCP 10,000
PayPal MC 10,000
Amex HH 6,000
Citi DC 8,000
Penfed 8,500
Amex Cash Magnet 6000
Walmart 10000
Kohls 3000
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Re: Discover CLI

Discover really, really likes you.

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Re: Discover CLI

Amazing CLI!  Way to go building it up!  Disco is giving you a lot of luv. 

"Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash".
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Re: Discover CLI

Congrats on the CLI! 

AmEx Platinum NPSL l BoA Cash Rewards $45,000 l CapOne Quicksilver $24,000 l AmEx Blue Cash $17,000 l Citi Prestige $15,500 l AmEx Platinum Delta $11,000 l AmEx Cash Magnet $10,500 l CapOne Savor $11,000 l Citi Simplicity $10,300 l Amazon Store Card $10,000 l Discover IT $9,500 l Discover IT $7,000 l Chase Sapphire Preferred $7,000 l Chase Freedom Unlimited $6,000 l Chase Marriott Bonvoy $5,000 l Mercurycard $5,400 l Chase Amazon $4,000 l Citi Double Cash $5,000

Back to the garden forever
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Re: Discover CLI


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Re: Discover CLI

Nice CLI!!!👍x3000


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Re: Discover CLI

Congrats! Disco is treating you well!

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Re: Discover CLI

Congrats on the awesome CLI @Kytim! Discover has been a little extra generous this season, but you're definitely doing something right

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