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Discover IT APPROVED !

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Re: Discover IT APPROVED !

Congrats!! I love my Discover, it’s a great card!

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Re: Discover IT APPROVED !

@Anonymous wrote:

Do you guys think I should switch from AMEX Blue cash Magnet $1k as my daily card and start using discover? I have had the Magnet for a year and they will not for the life of me give me a CLI, they state that I have too many inquires and I only have 4, they have yet to reconsider. I run about $3k-$4k each month. 

Yes, because Disco is double cashback the first year and don’t forget to register for the categories. This qtr is rideshare and gas. 


Congrats on your approval. 

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Re: Discover IT APPROVED !

Congrats on the joining the Disco club! With 5% categories and double cash back at the end of one year, it's a good card for almost any wallet. And as others have mentioned the card does grow. I got my first one in October 2016 and started at $5,500. Got a CLI to $21,500 yesterday. Let the growth begin!

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