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Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

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Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

I started my credit rebuild in 2012. I was approved for a Discover IT card in 2015 with a $1500 starting line. They gave me a CLI to $2500 a year later. Then I started to hit that love button and got the constant rejection even though my FICO is in the 825+ range. 

It submitted a credit line increase a few minutes ago and got a $7000 increase to $23,600.

A few months ago I kept hitting the Citi Costco CLI button and boosted that card up to $24,000 (the button was broken because I hit the back key and requested a CLI 4 times and got it!)

Will be buying a DJI Inspire 3 drone at $8,000 so guess which card I am going to use to buy it?

Data Points:

Avarge Age of Accounts: 19 years

TU - 806
EX - 846

EQ - 843

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Re: Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)


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Re: Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

Congrats on your increase 

07/05/2020. I walked uphill, with shoulder backpack, in the sun, in the wrong shoes, hungry and thirsty. One less on the bucket list
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Re: Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

CongratsSmiley Happy 8k Drone? The tech never ceases to amaze meSmiley Wink
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Re: Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

A pretty nice CLI out of discover, this is an interesting development as most CLIs have been maxing out in the 4-5K range. Your Fico may very well be the determining factor in the larger increase. Congrats Smiley Happy
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Re: Discover IT Credit Line Increase (CLI)

Congrats on a killer CLI!!
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