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Discover IT and Amex EveryDay Approval

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Re: Discover IT and Amex EveryDay Approval

@AllThingsInTime wrote:



The short answer to your question is that I'd go after the EE's

for TU and EX right away this month, and then go after the EE for

EQ in August. If all goes well, you'll have three (3) clean files

and scores across the board in the 700s. That's a much better

position from which to go after the Amex Express Cash card.

I'm sure others will chime in as well, but that's what I'd do if I were

in your shoes right now. Congrats again on your success!

I submitted the EE for TU and EX and figured what the heck, let's give the Amex Express Cash Card a try and I got it. Only a $2000 SL but its a good start. 


It also looks like it did a SP and not a HP. So far I haven't received any notifications of an inquiry. 

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Re: Discover IT and Amex EveryDay Approval



Wow! Congratulations are in order again!


It appears your Amex approval is directly from Amex

(Centurion Bank), not from a CU like Pen Fed or Navy Fed.

So in that case, Yes, they do a soft pull for additional Amex

products. For future reference, if you get an Amex from Pen Fed

or Navy Fed, you'll have to conform to their app rules and it could

be a HP depending on when you app. Worst case, always assume

a HP but hope for a SP. Congrats once again!

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Re: Discover IT and Amex EveryDay Approval

Trudint ... nice card lineup! Smiley Happy

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Current Score: 850
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Re: Discover IT and Amex EveryDay Approval

@AllThingsInTime wrote:



Major Congrats on your new Discover It and Amex ED approvals and SLs!!!


FYI in case you're interested: You might want to give serious consideration

to getting an Early Exclusion (EE) for your bankruptcy. If you do a quick search

in the forum, you'll find out that TransUnion will EE 6 months early, Experian 3

months early, and Equifax 1 month early. Since your BK is due to fall off in Sept,

that means you have an excellent shot at TU and EX granting you an EE. Just some

food for thought. Congrats once again! Smiley Very Happy

Thanks to your advice, I asked TU to EE the BK7 and this morning it was removed. My credit score did increase but only by 16pts. 


Thanks again for the advice!

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