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Discover IT approval 5.5k SL

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL

Congrats on your biggest SL to date, OP.  This is a good sign for you, one that may mean you're in Discover's ideal "bucket" in terms of CLI gains.  Many people that have reported getting a SL from Discover in excess of your other CLs continue to report solid [CLI] gains on their Discover account over time.  Seemingly if Discover starts out looking to be the "best" in your wallet, they look to maintain that role over time as well.  Good luck!

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL


Congrats!  Would love to see how this card grows over the next year.  Drive it like you stole.....naw, jkSmiley Tongue but hopefully over time Disco will surprise you more than they did yesterdaySmiley Wink

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Discover IT CashBack approval, the AWESOME SL, and Welcome to the Disco family!!!

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL

Thank you everyone for the replies. I try to share anything I can on the forums because of all the help I’ve had along the way

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL

congrats on your super CLI & new Card !

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Re: Discover IT approval 5.5k SL

Congrats! Discover is very nice recently! I bet you fell out of your seat too like I did! They gave me 7K when I had a petty 1K on my QS at the time.

Welcome to the Disco party! Gonna love it here!
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