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Discover It Secured - Approved

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Re: Discover It Secured - Approved

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@Marz2002 wrote:

CONGRATS on the Approval and WELCOME to the FORUMS and the Disco Family!!!


I seriously started my Rebuild project in April 2018 with a $300 OpenSky credit card that I had been using for over 2 years.

Triple Thanks ! 


How is the opensky card? 

I applied for the opensky card first and was instantly approved but stalled on doing the security deposit once I applied for the discover. I honestly still want two secured cards. 

You're most welcome!


The OpenSky card is great, except that it DOESN'T graduate to Unsecured!

Who knows, maybe in the future they will change this. I'm going to try for the Citibank secured in a few months. Crossing my fingers they'll let me in the door.
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Re: Discover It Secured - Approved

@Anonymous wrote:
How do you like open sky? How long before you saw an increase in points in your scores?

I started my rebuild with an OpenSky - With low utilization and 2 or 3 on time payments you should start seeing a slow bump in your scores almost ASAP. I had scores in the 400's in early 2017, the OpenSky was a god send for me because I couldn't get approved for a hamburger at mcdonalds.....


It was a life save for me. They also gave me a CLI from $300 to $500 after a 6 months. A nice little boost of confidence because anything helps when you're in the credit dungeon trying to see some light at the end of the tunnell. 

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