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Discover It Student Card CLI


Discover It Student Card CLI

Hello All,

I just hit the luv button last night and increased my credit limit from $3,600->$4,6000 on my discover it student card! I'm super happy. Discover has been treating me well they also lowered my APR recently to 14.49% much better than the 22.24% on my Barclaycard. I started out with a $500 limit when I got the card in August of 2015 and now I'm at $4,600 through some auto clis and some luv button pulls.  Just some stats: 20yo, 755 TU fico score, 2 cards (Discover IT and JetBlue Mastercard), 1 inq (falls off in May), no baddies of any kind. I would like to add another card to my wallet but I think I can wait until I turn 21 in June for prequals and for my last hard pull to fall off. Overall I think I'm doing well $6,100 credit limit between my cards and a good credit score for a 20 year old college student!

Discover IT $16,000
JetBlue Plus MasterCard $6,400
Citi Double Cash $10,300
Chase Freedom Unlimited $7,300
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Re: Discover It Student Card CLI

Congrats.  Continue to use your currently credit responsibly and all sorts of opportunity will open up for you soon.

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