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Discover Mega CLI

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

@incubus24 wrote:

@Ghoshida wrote:

So I was playing with my Excel sheet containing all my credit cards, and wondering which cards were coming close to their 91-day / 181-day marks for asking another CLI.


Discover had just bumped me from $25k to $28k on 14 Feb 2016 (now that's some V-day love) and generally I don't get anything before at least 3 months are over with the new CL. It was my top single CL before the Cap One card combo made my QS $29k. 


But my Discover FICO updated yesterday (770 because I refuse to play micromanage with zero balance), and I thought, what's the harm in hitting the button! Also, the $29k was reporting.


So I hit it, and it came back with the "Under review for 2 days etc. etc." message. Generally, this would mean that the button would go away for a few days before everything goes back to square one.


Not this time.


Logged in to find that my CL is now $34k. A $6k jump, my biggest with Discover (or any non-AMEX card) so far. 




Some info: Last month balance approx $700, PIFed this month and new statement will be approx $600.

I was carrying a $2.5k balance to make use of my 2nd term 0% APR which  I paid off right after I got my last CLI. The 0% was to get over this month.

how does one get a 2nd term 0% APR? i'm hoping it's for PURCHASES and not BT. mine (1st yr) is about to expire. :/ 

You can chat with them. I did about a year after my 0% was over, and asked them for an APR reduction (something I was doing then with Citi, Barclays, AMEX etc.). The chat rep offered me a 2% permanent decrease or a 12-month 0% APR for new purchases. I jumped on the second offer. It's getting over this month. I've carried balance twice, first for about 5 months and the second time for about 5 months again. 


My CL was 11.5k then. It was the beginning of the Discover CLI gravy train last year Smiley Happy So they gave me the 0% promo, then a slew of CLIs, and then the 2X cashback for a year. The last one runs till the end of May; hopefully in June 2016 they keep their promise, we'll see!


Edited to add: You should probably inquire after the current 0% is over. I checked for new offers a few weeks ago; was told to wait till the current promo is over. Not guaranteed to get one but never hurts to try Smiley Happy better than the 4% temporary APR reduction from Cap One, unless someone's Cap One current APR is 4% Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Time to update this:


It's been 2 months since my last CLI. 


I requested a CLI one month earlier and got the "not enough experience" letter.


But I pressed the button again on Sunday and got some action today.


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you, my one and only, Discover It Pride @ $40k.


FICO according to Discover on the 23 May 2016 statement is 763. Statement balance a little over $800.


Edited to add: declared income a little over $50k, no installment account, last HP in January 2016, AAoA 2.2 years, utilization 3% across the board.

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Congrats on the great increase!   Smiley Happy



Year 2012: All Scores in the 520 range, during a foreclosure, CC Settlement and high UTIL. Very ugly days...
July 2021: EX8: 850; EQ8: 850; TU8: 850 -- Middle Mortgage Score: 824
In My Wallet: Discover $73.7K; Cap1 Venture $42.7K; Amex ED $38K; Amex Optima $2.5K; Amex Delta Gold $18K; Citi Costco $21K; Cap1 Plat $8.4K; Barclay $7K; Chase Amazon $6K; BoA Plat $21.6K; Citi TY Pref $19K; US Bank $4K; Dell $5K; Care Credit $6.5K. Total Revolving CL: $285K
My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Super congrats on your Discover cli!!!!  Woman Very Happy  Very nice.

FICOS: EQ-812 TU-811 EX-818 Goal - 840-850 Across The Board
Total Credit Lines - 506K Gardening....
"I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny" Nelson Mandela
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Re: Discover Mega CLI

@EW800 wrote:

Congrats on the great increase!   Smiley Happy



Thanks. You have a very cool Discover line. 


I think I'll get stuck with my lower income this point onwards. Actually surprised that they allowed so far. AMEX wouldn't without tax forms!

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

@Sandibeach22 wrote:

Super congrats on your Discover cli!!!!  Woman Very Happy  Very nice.



Thanks Sandibeach!

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Congrats and thanks for the updates. Super nices increases.

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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Fantastic! Super inspired!!
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Re: Discover Mega CLI

Awesome! Yep, gravy train seems to be back!
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