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Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

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Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Apped for this card several weeks ago.

The next day I received an email and a call requesting verification.

i uploaded the verification docs, but ignored the request to call in. I received a couple more VM's and emails asking me to call in.

Decided I didn't want to go through the 20 questions and wrote it off.

Today I get the card in the mail with a........$500 limit!

Guess I should've called them backSmiley Very Happy

On another note, I got a $500 90 day CLI on my Regular Discover It for a $8700 CL Smiley Tongue

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Congrats.. Nice 3% card for the first year!  To bad couldn't of been a bigger CL.. Can you move any of your Discover regular CL to miles?  Not sure how discover works with credit reallocation.

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Way to Woody! They probably said yeah its probably him but no phone call no big sl Smiley Happy. a lesson "Discovered"lolSmiley Happy
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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

This is GOOD NEWS! Enjoy your new Spending Limit.
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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Although a really bad SL, it's better than a denial. Congrats!
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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Congratulations on your new Discover it Miles card, woodyman! Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!


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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

A few months ago as i was nearly ready to try for a 2nd Discover Card, realized that there was higher chance that the True Value Discover (from Comenity) would likely outpace a 2nd Disco bankcard.


It would still been nice on this end but not sure how they might do on the SL so thanks for this data point Woodyman100.


Congrats! on nailing a #2 in the Miles Card.

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Congrats! Maybe you can recon? SL? But of course, that would require you to call in! LOL

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

Congrats on the approval. I am planning to app for this next year. Long story, but this card is to pay rent as the fee is super cheap if I pay with discover and high cash back for it. Do they not tell the starting limit before you get the card? Do you mind sharing some data points like scores and aaoa at the time of approval?
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