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Discover More Approved!!!!


Discover More Approved!!!!

I just applied online for the Discover More card. I really like the direction they're going with


I was a joint account holder on my fiance's card but now I'll have my own account with a 3k starting limit.


I was given the 5-7 days message after submitting my app.  I then called the backdoor number and spoke to a very nice service rep.


She had a few additional questions about my credit history.  


They said they pulled EQ and TU.  My current fico's are all in the 660-680 range.  I have a couple old paid CO's that will be coming off my report this year.  


I've been able to get my scores up 200 points (from 2010) and I buy a house for my family this year from what I learned on  


I couldn't have done it without you, thank you all so much!!!!


Happy holidays to everyone!!!!  


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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

Congrats on the card and your fico success.

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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

That's great, Congrats! Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

Congrats! the more is a good card and it will come in handy for shopdiscover and the 5% categories. I also had a problem with my card and their CS took care of it without any issue, they are amazing! you'll be glad that you are a Discover member. 

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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!


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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

Love to hear those success story. We all here to help and learn.


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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!


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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!

Congrats.  The Discover More is a great card.

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Re: Discover More Approved!!!!


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