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Discover SL

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Re: Discover SL

Congrats on the approval!!!


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Re: Discover SL

Congratulations on getting the unsecured card!


Echoing what others said... Disco is incredibly unpredictable with CLIs... I started with $7500 SL last March and used it heavily, always PIF, and had received no CLI so in December I asked for one and they bumped me to $10500 and then in February they bumped me to $11,200 and then in April they bumped me to $12,700 and they've said no to any further increases for the time being. Just use the card and manage it well and it will grow over time. The nice thing is that Disco CLI requests are SP and you can ask as often as you want instead of having to wait 3-6 months or more like most issuers.

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Re: Discover SL

Congrats. On both cards. I hit it up at 60, 90 and 120 days after opening and was sucessful each time. Then it fades some. First card was $1200. Both now at $18k+ in 3 yrs. If you get an auto call in for the DD! Enjoy!

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