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Discover SP CLI from 4K to 5K...

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Discover SP CLI from 4K to 5K...

I chose not to have credit pulled. I'll get to $25,000 eventually.... :/

Barclay Ring 11K || BOA CR 25K || AAFES 3.9K || Chase Disney 9K || ToysRUS 3.5K || Discover IT 5K || NFCU 25K || NFCU CLOC 15K || PenFed 7K || Citi DP 4K || Lowes 17K || Amazon SC 6K || Nordstrom VS 20K || Macy's 10K || Citi DC 4K || Delta AMEX 12K || Care Credit 12K || AMEX Mercedes 10K|| AMEX HILTON 9.5K || AMEX BCP 15K || BHG 11.3K || BHG Biz 11.3K || BJ's Biz 12K || Citi AA 1.5K || Chevron Biz 2K || Amex Cash Biz 2K || Gardening until 6/2017
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Re: Discover SP CLI from 4K to 5K...

SweetSmiley Happy Yes, yes you willSmiley Wink
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