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Discover approval

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Discover approval

Hey all 


I've been working on my credit for just over a year now, and have learned a lot from you guys! I thought I'd throw my DPs and some background for anyone gathering info.


Did a prequal about a month ago, and was preapproved, but wanted to wait until my utilization updated first before applying. In the meantime I accepted a small line of credit from my bank. Tried the prequal again two weeks later and was denied. Waited for the letter, which stated the new account with my bank as the reason for denial.


Less than a week later, I received an invitation to apply. My EX score had jumped from 684 to 708, so I pulled the trigger without trying a new prequal.


Approved instantly for 4k.


So here are the real DPs:

Pulled EX no surprise, at 708

33% utilization, still carrying a bit on a first year no APR Amex 

Income 60k

10 inquiries when applying, 6 from a car loan. No inquiries in last 6 months.


No lates or derogs 


Sorry for the novel, but I really appreciated getting as much info and background as possible when I was looking into applying, and hopefully someone finds this useful. 

Current cards:
CapOne Quicksilver $800 10/18
CapOne Quicksilver $3400 12/19
Amex BCP $8000 11/20
Discover IT Cashback $4000 6/21

Scores 7/21 EX709 EQ733 TU718
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Re: Discover approval

Congratulations on your Discover approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:

Credit Age:

Inquiries (24 month):

Banks & CUs:

Goal Cards:

Currently: 2/6, 2/12, 5/24
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Re: Discover approval

Cool news you have here, nicely done.

Thanks for adding your DPs and background. Cheers!

NFCU More Rewards 28K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
Citi Custom Cash 4.5K
NFCU Cash Rewards 8K
Discover IT 2K
Cap 1 600
NFCU auto loan
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Re: Discover approval

Congrats on your Discover approval

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Re: Discover approval

I love novels, nothing to be sorry about. Congratulations and thank you for your interest in helping others.

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Re: Discover approval

Congratulations on your approval! I love thorough data points. That's the whole point of this thread! Great job and thanks for sharing 😊

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Re: Discover approval

Congrats on your Discover Approval! It's a great card to have in your wallet. 

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Re: Discover approval

Congrats! Ms Disco was my first "real" credit card. I got it in Dec of 2018, and I still say it's the best overall card out there for the first year. 

My credit card journey started 3/2018

Hover over cards to see limits and usage.
Total CL - $279,950
Cash Back and SUBs earned as of 6/1/21- $6336.35

CU Memberships

Goal Cards:

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Re: Discover approval

Congrats on your Disco approval 👍🏼🎉🥳

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Re: Discover approval

Congratulations on your approval!!

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