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Discover approval

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Re: Discover approval


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Re: Discover approval

I just got approved last week with 3k unsecured. they pulled experian fico 8, my score was 664. i have a bk 7 on my report but its 1.5 years post discharge. maybe miss disco has recovered from covid 19 ?

target 500 kohls 700 discover 3k mercury 3350 ollo 600 mission lane 1050 big lots 750 ikea 550 valero 300 firestone 1k legacy 1500 first savings bank cc 1500 cap1 300 fingerhut 2600
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Re: Discover approval

@SUPERSQUID I saw your thread right before I applied actually, congrats to you! I'm happy to be in, I've been looking into it for a while now.


Thanks for the congrats everyone!

Current cards:
CapOne Quicksilver $800 10/18
CapOne Quicksilver $3400 12/19
Amex BCP $8000 11/20
Discover IT Cashback $4000 6/21

Scores 7/21 EX709 EQ733 TU718
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Re: Discover approval

Sweet, grats on your new Disco card Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover approval


SoFi World Elite MC (TBOM) $7000 SL
REDcard (TD Bank) $2500 SL
AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL, CLI after 36hr to $20k- $30k CL
BB&T Rewards $11k SL- impulse application
BB&T Rewards $11k SL- AU, not on reports- impulse app (wife's card)
Discover $8800 CL- $1k SL- AU, no longer on reports b/c of error (wife's card)
Citi Double Cash WEMC $8400 CL- AU- (wife's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet $27,900 CL (wife's card)
BoA Cash Rewards $11k CL- AU (Dad's card)
BoA Premium Rewards $12.3k CL- AU (Dad's card)
PSECU Founder's Card $30k SL- AU (Dad's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet $30k CL- AU (Dad's card)
Wells Fargo Propel AmEx $3200 CL (AU, wife's card, not on CR b/c I was temporarily removed as an AU)
Credit Scores for both of us around 800, depending on what you pull & balances

All PIF, frequently before statement close
Goals: Buy a house & get approved for an AOD VISA Signature card (or other 3% cashback), Chase Freedom flex, $250k on CR, $100k NOT including AU accounts
Closed accounts (long period of inactivity): AmEx clear, Citi ThankYou (previously Driver's Edge), Chase Freedom, Cap One, Discover IT, Lowes Charge, my 1st REDcard, Visa, Children's Place, Kohl's Charge, Angel Card (AU- wife's), Old Navy card,Wells Fargo Active Cash (2%)- $2k SL- AU (wife's card)
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Re: Discover approval


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Re: Discover approval

Congratulations! Nice SL 👍

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