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Discover card auto Increase!!!

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Re: Discover card auto Increase!!!

Camicookie14 wrote:
Thank You all! I received the letter re: the decline with the CLI request, and the reason was Insufficient experience with current Discover Card credit limit. That's it for now. I will keep on using my card and hopefully they'll give me a great increase in the next few months. Disco has been good for me so far, no HP when I applied & accepted - I have no credit history as well. And I am happy with the customer service. Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck to all!

Thats discovers default decline reason.. Basically its too early for them... but since its usually a SP and they will tell you otherwise... I was trying every 31 days or so.. basically a day or so after the next statement comes out... Good luck ... youll see something at some point..


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Re: Discover card auto Increase!!!

 I just got an auto CLI.. I opened my Disc account back in Feb '17 with a SL of only $1500 (FICO then was 685).... I ran about $100 to maybe $200 per month and usually PIFed... in November I requested online a CLI and was auto approved for $400, then bringing total to $1,900... last month I ran more than $600 and nearly PIF'ed it (I think the util rate is less than 5% at this point).. today is the first day of my new statement period and an email showed up telling me I got an auto CLI of $500 to $2,400.. Overall I'm pleased.. (FICO today is 700+/-)

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