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Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval

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Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval

Almost 18 months ago I was so much in love with Discover. They gave me a secured card, they said in 7 months of responsible usage they could unsecure the card, to me that meant they would "DO" it. I touted them as being the best credit card company ever; customer service, their app, the free scoreboard. I told everyone about Discover. 7 months later there was no movement on Discover's end. They strung me along saying possibly next month, you are great, we love your usage, we love that you pay on-time, etc. However, they were unsecuring others, giving people with lower credit scores huge limits, showing love to everyone it seems but me. I was so JELLY! Then our 1 year anniversary came around and I was wishing, and a hoping, and a praying that Discover would deem me worthy and show me some love. All they showed me was the 100% cash back and when I asked if they were going to make me legitimate and put a ring on "IT". They said NO! So I said I'm done with you, I was able to get approved for AMEX and USBANK Cash+. So why do I need you DISCOVER! FU DISCOVER! I asked for my money back and they took forever to get it back to me. I actually received it yesterday after 3 statements, not the 2 they promised. 


Anyway, like any ex will do, I went to see what was up with Discover, see how they were doing and what they were offering. Well, I got a pre-approval with a set APR of 18% for the IT/Chrome/Mile cards. With my scores, I thought why not and applied.


Well just like an evil ex, they were like we need more information from you to continue the application. Nothing has changed from anything they have on file already and I was like why the fudge did I go back to them. So I sent in my SS card and my DL. They replied back please call in. Now I'm like what the FUDGE, you already know me. I call in and I'm on hold for 5 minutes, the rep that answered was nice and said she needed to ask me a few questions, I answered them and was told they needed to text me a code to my phone. I gave them the code and she said please hold while she processes the application. On hold for another 7 minutes and I'm like they are just stringing me along. The rep comes back on and says that I was approved for $10,500. My largest credit limit ever! What the fudge Discover why you make me jump through all these hoops? Now I don't know how to feel about Discover? On the one hand, I feel like the king of the world, on the other hand, I feel like Discover was being a jerk! 


But the best part of this story is that it would never have happened if it weren't for all of you. This is my favorite site, you are my favorite internet people.


Data points:

AAoa: 6.8 years. Thank you, Student Loans
Highest Limit Card: Discover it - $10.5K
Inquiries 6 EX,  7 TU, EQ 7

One baddie that hasn't been paid will drop off in 15 months
Also, have a car loan and my student loan 


I did not get any alerts yet. I can update if I get an INquiry.


FICO Scores: EX-665 TU-690 EQ-670 (10-23-2017)
Amazon Store Card - CL $5000/AMEX BCE - CL $2000/ AMEX Everyday - $500/ Barclay Rewards Card - CL $1500/ Capital One secure card $500/ Capital One QS $1600/ Discover IT $10500/ Walmart Card - CL $5000/ Old Navy Card - CL $6000/ U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card - CL $500
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Re: Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval

 Congrats on your approval..  I agree on the first part huge limits for people with less than perfect credit and I didnt learn my lesson nad got the miles card with 1k limit after already having a low limit IT card at 4500...   Since cancelled the IT card as the double cash back was over and still hanging out with the miles card at a whopping 3.5k CL..  When my other cards are 20-35k CL's then well ya Discover.  Will give the miles card till the 1 year mark and see where it stands.   They are just so strange I got the best apr of 11.x, but a 1k CL really(why give me the best apr, but basically the worse initial CL offered lol)?  


Anyways glad it worked out for you, but I am sooo over them as a card issuer and they offer nothing special IMO other than BT offers after a year if you have a decent CL with them, even with that it can be beat by CU cards in terms of limits and no BT fees etc. /end rant.


Grats on an incredible approval with the scores in your signature though!  Discover never seems to amaze me how they work and it worked out well for youSmiley Happy

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Re: Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval

Entertaining read. 😆 Congrats! Very nice starting line (the largest I can recall seeing).

Beginning Journey April 2017 – FICO 8

Current Scores May 2018 – FICO 8

Started this credit game with $8400 TCL in 04/17 now I'm at $150K+.
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Re: Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval

That 3% cash back (doubled first year from 1.5%) is going to treat you super well, congrats!

In a year you'll be closing it, though, lol. Or reallocating that line to whatever your next card is!
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Re: Discover the Ex that won't leave you alone - Approval


Discover:  the ex that YOU won't leave alone! You went back! Smiley Happy

Current FICO 8s: Ex 726, Tu 746, Eq 716
Current FICO 9s: Ex 748, Tu ?? Eq 725
Total TLs: $160,000
32 (30-60 day) mortgage lates remain
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