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Doebear's Disco Dance

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Doebear's Disco Dance

Hullo Credit Dearies,

As an extremely pleased Discover customer, and also appreciative of the data point threads by austinguy907, I wanted to share my experience, which while not as detailed as (in hindsight) I wish it were, may still prove helpful to your Disco/BootyShakeShake goals/itineraries.

I joined Discover in February of 2013 (TU FICO 747), between which time and late 2014, this bobble-headed Doebear had no firm credit aspirations (she just might cartwheel into a face-plant for shame) other than to be smart about spending and to capitalize on Discover’s rewards structure. If it also helps to know, I have never been late in payment, no derogatoriness, no charge-offs, etc, and at statement cut (3rd/4th Feb 2017), my TU FICO was 714, EX FICO 713.

Below is a chart of all my CLI request successes. In 2016, the only year I smacked the Luv button more times than I remember, I received a few handfuls of denials - though I didn’t make note of when I requested - all of those “no’s” were the “Insufficient amount of time with credit limit”, between being at $16K and $23K, and again between $23K and $29K.

DiscoverIT  CL        Increase        New Limit        Date of Request
        $23,000.00    $6,000.00    $29,000.00    18-Feb-17
        $16,500.00    $6,500.00    $23,000.00    Nov-16
        $16,000.00    $500.00        $16,500.00    Sep-16
        $10,000.00    $6,000.00    $16,000.00    4-Apr-16
        $5,000.00    $5,000.00    $10,000.00    6-Dec-15

Points of Interest:
*Staring Line in Feb 2013 was $1,000.
*I received auto-CLI to the $5,000 sometime between 2014-2015.
*Manual CLI request from the $5K to $10K had the slider, and I have never had the slider since.
*December 2015 CLI was followed up by my request of an account promo, for which I was granted 12 months 0% APR!
*The leap to $23,000 came immediately after I balance transferred a large ($9K+) balance away from Discover.
*The leap to $29,000 came immediately after balance transferring a few $thousand away from Discover.


I read austinguy’s original thread several times before yesterday’s CLI, and readily agree/d with his observations, as my experience has been similar since late 2015, when I realized the Powa of the big orange button thing!
While I still don’t feel qualified to say “yay this is how it works, jump-squat for joy!” to any of you, I do hands-down support austinguy’s theory about time being on our side when it comes to large increases.

Apologies for not having those Failed CLI Attempts documented, and I realize my all but one increases having been nothing but "large". However, I (unknowingly) gave decent distances between requests - not to mention more yearly spend than I’m proud of, and a host of other things in my profile that Discover seems to like (the same we know to be true for each of us on an individual underwriting basis).

All this is to say, don’t be afraid to make Discover a daily driver, don’t doubt the love (if indeed you love your card); have fun. If and when you start losing sleep over this credit house of cards, it’s time to step away and admire the fireflies.

A big huzzah to everyone here who contributes such diverse knowledge, you never know whose day you’ve made, where personal finance is concerned. I hope this post finds you wherever you are, giving thanks for a beautiful Sunday/Monday.

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Re: Doebear's Disco Dance



^_^ Forgot to mention:

*Leap to $23K came with two day message, and within twelve hours notified of increase (all other increases were instant).

*Screenshot of latest CLI, in case anyone would like to see. Notice how my Cash Advance line hasn't moved since ... ever. Which is cool, as I will never use it, but I have read that for a few members here, that's a critical perk.


Disco CLI 17-02-18 at 12.09.13 PM.png

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Re: Doebear's Disco Dance

Doe! Doe! Doe!



This is a great supplemental write up of your experience!  Doing a great write up like this is more of an impact than a couple of one liners.  Showing the longevity of the pursuit helps paint a picture of how success goes with a lender.  Allowing everyone here to sneak a peak under the hood of how Disco responds with just a little bit of effort.  2015/16 seem to be the big bright light shining in and showing you how it's done.  I knew my thread on Disco would help others but, this is just another amazing account of how to properly handle shooting for the moon and getting there.  Disco will continue to grow with effort and reward you handsomely for your loyalty.  


It's funny to see the BT's though and how they try to claw you back into their arms with generosity!  Some other lenders would just leave you there in quicksand with no appreciation.  Having some faith in Disco leads to great experiences like this to happen!  There's never been such a roll with Disco around here since lifting the veil on them just a little bit with an extensive write up and help from others adding their experience to the mix.  Disco is a great company to be with when it comes to CC's and doesn't quite get the bright lights and glammer some of the others have gotten over the years here.  


Keep up the hard work and fill us in when you have a chance Smiley Happy

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Re: Doebear's Disco Dance

Thanks austinguy!!!


I am very surprised at both BT instances. From what I've read around the forums, Discover can be considerably less enthusiastic with increases while carrying a transfer. My balances are very temporary, but I am super impressed with the way Disco has handled our relationship, notwithstanding.


Woo! Glad to have a chance to share my journey with everyone, and I'll definitely keep you updated.

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Re: Doebear's Disco Dance

Thank you for the data points.  And I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style, silliness and positivity!  Smiley Happy

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