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Double Amex Approval!

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Double Amex Approval!

Checked pre approvals this morning and I had the ED and BCE sitting there. Decided to go for the BCE. I could see it had no sign up bonus so it was going to be the credit steps card, but I’ve wanted to get in with Amex forever.

Apped for the BCE, $500 limit as expected. But then I got antsy.

Knowing how Amex double approvals with one pull go I thought eh, why not. Apped for the ED. $1000 limit and I got the 15 months 0% and the BT offer.

It seems like one is a starter and one isn’t. Kind of regretting taking the pre approval and not just hard apping, but at the end of the day I’m just glad to be in with Amex now!

EX is around 660 for reference. Tons in inquiries.
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Re: Double Amex Approval!

Congrat on your approvals! I love my BCE, and even with a starter limit, I believe Amex allows for growth through responsible use. Please continue to share your successes!

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Re: Double Amex Approval!

Congrats on the approvals!  The only question will be when it comes time for requesting a CLI, which card will it be Smiley Happy.

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Re: Double Amex Approval!

Congratulations on your approvals!!
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Re: Double Amex Approval!

Congrats! Amex is great! I would take that BCE and 3x it at the 61 day mark. And then again at the 181 day mark Smiley Happy

Unless you find yourself using the ED more. In that case do the same thing but to the ED LOL 

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Re: Double Amex Approval!

2 revolvers same day, rare, enjoySmiley Happy
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