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Double Approval!

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Double Approval!

I waited out 30 days from my last Amex approval, and applied for the Premier Rewards Gold--approved! I got a targeted 50k MR points Offer, which I should easily hit with reimbursable spending for work. That's the best kind of bonus.

Also, I got an approval for a Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards Visa (not the VS or the AF one) for the discount on a Wyndham property on first purchase. Only $50, but with my partner's employee discount, it makes a 5 night stay only $130 in LA Smiley Very Happy

2017 has been excellent so far, but my INQs are way too high to do anything for the next 6-12 months. I've never liked the gardening idea--feels limiting, but probably a good idea after this little spree.
Payding down debt to prep for a mortgage.

Cards in my wallet: Amex Gold, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Lowes Advantage

Sock drawer: Lots of old store cards and not great no-rewards cards for history and utilization padding, some lame no AF cards I drunk-apped

Next Cards: AMEX Everyday and Chase Freedom?
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Re: Double Approval!

Congrats, mr_awesome! Enjoy the new cards!

What I use (& strongly recommend): Chase Sapphire Reserve | BofA/ML (Premium Rewards VS, Cash Rewards VS, Merrill+ VS) | AmEx (Amazon Prime Business)

What I have: NFCU | PenFed | General Electric CU | Wright Patt CU | Discover | BBVA | Apple Card (GS)

Total CL with Bank of America = $100,000 (Platinum Honors Merrill Client)

EQ 699, EX 749, TU 725 (5/6/2021)

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Re: Double Approval!

Congrats on both cards, and on both employers hooking up the heck out of them!!

This message is endorsed by me.  Thanks for your support.
"If I made just one person happy, then it's all been worth it"
"I'll wait for you there a stone... I'll wait for you there ALONE"
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