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Ducks Unlimited Approval

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Ducks Unlimited Approval

Read online that FNBO was inquiry/account sensitive, so here are some datapoints. 


No past history with FNBO


Pulled EX (749 FICO last reported) as expected and left other CBs frozen. 


Inquires/Hard Pulls: (EX Only)

2 inquries in last 6 months 

6 inquries in last 12 months

9 inquries in last 24 months


Overall New Revolving Accounts:

3 in last 6 months

5 in last 12 months


Instant approval for $14,000 (Some people reporting not seeing SL on approval page?)






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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Congrats on your approval and awesome SL!  Thanks for providing your dp's!

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Congratulations! This card is on my want list. How many new revolving accounts have you opened in those time frames?

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Updated Original Post.


3 in last 6 months

5 in last 12 months

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Wow HUGE SL!! Congrats! 

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval



And thanks for the detailed DPs.

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Thanks for the added DPs, JB.

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

jb90 nice approval! FNBO seems to have been conservative with starting CLs in my reading but ... you blew that out of the water. Enjoy your new card and thanks for supporting DU (been a member and they do good work). Smiley Happy

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Welcome to myFico and congrats on the card Smiley Happy

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Re: Ducks Unlimited Approval

Congrats!  And thank you for the info Smiley Happy

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