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Easiest Approval: Amex BCE, Chase Freedom, or BoA 1-2-3?

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Re: Easiest Approval: Amex BCE, Chase Freedom, or BoA 1-2-3?

@distantarray wrote:

ever since Amex put a $6,000 a year cap on extra point categories BCP has become a MUCH easier card to obtain. Regardless I don't see a single point in getting all 3. It all depends on what your priorities are, but those cards are all cash back cards (minus freedom if you have a ink or sapphire combo for travel)


I find cash back cards to be pretty bad, I fell into the bandwagon of 5% everything in the past and deeply regret it. I save my Chase points for travel. 65,000 ultimate reward points transfers to United at 1:1 ratio. In the summers a flight to Asia costs upto $2,800 for a coach ticket. You can redeem 65,000 points for a trip from Florida to Asia which is a great deal. So I think in this case 1 Ultimate reward point is worth MUCH more than 1 2 or even 3% cash back. In this case it's worth 4.3+ cents per dollar. For first class you can get it for 130,000 points costs $12,000 + in the summer so that's 9.2 cents per point value.


So remember cash back is not always king, it's much nicer to save your points for a nice international trip imo. If cash works for you that's great, but there are plenty of other cards out there that would probably be better. Chase Ink would save you atleast $300 a year just on cable internet and phone bills (cell included) without having to put any additional charges on the card.


Also look into your grocery store if they offer extra discounts for mass ordering gift cards if you use the BCE, Publix grocery gives 3% discount if you buy $4,000 + if you call and order at one time. It's nice to have $6,000 worth of gift cards to completely max out your rewards completely and get total of 6% on a BCE or 9% on a BCP.

I agree with you 100%, another reason why I defend the AMEX Green when people say the rewards are worthless.  I just booked over 2k worth of Delta tickets for 100k MR points... the equilivent of 2% CB

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Re: Easiest Approval: Amex BCE, Chase Freedom, or BoA 1-2-3?

But his point was that 5% isn't the best you can get, where in your example 5% is much better than 2%. So it would be better to put some of your spending on 5% cards to maximize your rewards rather than use Green for everything.

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